"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela
Excellent Academy of Skills exists to promote and supply a fast and well-structured training bringing people to meet the demands of the 21st century and leading to personal and professional development.
Mr. Bhyta (the CEO) with Cape Town Premier (HellenZille) in Community development projects
Mr Bhyta
Our CEO & Founder
Mr. Shaun Williams
Community Developer
Our former Student employed after Good performance in Office Administration
Our adult learners with Mr. Bhyta the Computer Lecturer
Nyanga Township youth Entrepreneurship training graduation
Our multicultural Class Empowered in specialized courses
Our staff with Elzette Brown; Skillspro Regional Manager celebrating our 6th anniversary in August 2015
Our dedicated teacher with English Class
Our dedicated teacher with Computer Class
Excellent Academy of Skills is a community developer Accredited Training Centre situated in Cape Town CBD and it is known now in City for its high quality and professional training services and community development programs based with flexible program.
We understand that up skilling our community today is building a better tomorrow. Therefore, we have a particular attention on both unprivileged and privileged community by setting up a platform of a training allowing everyone no matter the age, race and social background to be trained.
Believing that the better way of helping our community is to attend them in the local area and deliver the mobile training, our training system include as well moving from area to area delivering; group training, one on one training, on desk training.
We have understood that the only major barrier to the self-development and studies in today's society is the lack of time as everyone needs to be working in order to face the life challenges. This is why we have come up with the "personal tuition training system"; With the personal tuition training system, we have managed to train people who couldn't study due to their busy schedule including; security guards, mothers, and any worker during their off days, leave days, holidays or during any hours of the day where they can be free for 2 hours. This just means we have avail our self and made our learning style flexible to the need and availability of our community. We cannot count number of learners who have changed their jobs and lives after completing training with us in this angle...
Our Philosophy
We treat our learners as experienced adults with a great deal to contribute to their course.
Work is concentrated. Time is precious. All our courses are intensive.
The schedule is planned but flexible.
No single training method suits everyone. We are sensitive to different learning styles.
Our approach is always practical. People need to use skills given to them, not just studying it.
Small is beautiful. We restrict the numbers in our course centers so that we can ensure a really personal service at all times.
We offer a multi-national, multi-cultural environment.
Learning is collaboration - between the trainer and the learner, and between individual learners.
Learning never ends. We know that your course with us is just part of a bigger picture. We try to give to learners the tools to continue develop their lives after they leave us.

MR. Larsen M. our Partner delivering certificates to our learners after the motivational speech

Our Accreditation:
We are accredited under Skillspro Group as our service provider; The Skillspro Group is fully accredited by:
  1. ISETT SETA Accreditation
    The status of full ACCREDITATION was award to Futurekids Pty (Ltd) by the ISETT SETA (ACC 01000233) to train Information Technology compiled from various Unit Standards for the period.
  2. MICT SETA Accreditation
    Skillspro group is accredited with (ACC/2006/07/683)
  3. ETDP SETA Accreditation
    Future-Teacher is accredited by the ETDP SETA (ETDP10096) as an education and training provider in the Education, Training and Development Sector in terms of the South African Qualification Authority Act of 1995 for the period.
"Changing Our Community from Inside Out"
Excellent Academy office spaces and our dedicated staff in 2012
Motivating Nyanga community in entrepreneurship
Our multi cultural classes back in 2012
Young refugee in PC Technician Program
Our youth refugee enjoying the multi-cultural food while celebrating birthdays at school
Our hard working students in group works
Grade 4 to grade 6 Project at start
Giving to the young pupils the taste of IT in new society
KOLPING Representative visiting our site in Cape Town CBD
Working Together with SIPHILA SONKE in Grabouw
Our satellite class in Grabouw Community 70km away from the city of Cape Town
Sharing from one pot to encourage multi-cultural environment
Our Courses
We have a variety of courses, unit standards and modules which gives us a place of choice within our community.
Most of our courses are practical and enjoyable as we stick to our practical approach.
The aim for our large accreditation is to have everyone from the unemployed background to the working class no matter the age group to get something which he/she would enjoy one side to improve a personal level as well as professional improvement.

Our grade 4 pupils introduced to typing skills

Our grade 4 pupils introduced to typing skills

Our students
A great deal of trust has been placed into our student allowing them to feel more comfortable as they walk into the building till the classroom.
Our student's advisory service receives students on regular basis to make sure that they are fit for classes every morning.
We have allocated a budget to support students who are stack in the middle of the training with the lack of transport fees. This budget helps us to cover this need as we have understood that we can invest into our students this being part of a Change that we aim to make in our community from inside out.
Our refugee Students Project
This project consists of raising funds allowing us to sustain the need of the youth refugees. In this project we do; receive young refugees, train them in English language, Computer and specialized Courses, Prepare them for Jobs and guiding them into working industry, Translate their French school documents to English with our Sworn translators, assisting them in sending their documents to SAQA (South African qualification authority) for evaluation and assisting them with the enrollment at colleges and Universities for those who have means to do the further studies.
This project has been a true life changing since most of young refugees has recovered from depression to better life in one hand but very challenging in other hand as a serious financial means is needed to cover the cost from travelling, training manuals, SAQA evaluation as well as tools needed for those who are doing the technical and practical courses. This year alone we have managed to cover and enrolled up to 40 young refugees and still have pending 70 applications in need of funds.
  1. Students and Community Resource Centre:
    This project consists of enlarging our centre by building a large computer lab where the students and community will have a regular access to the internet for the school works and researches.
  2. Assisting Grade 11 & 12 student in major subject:
    This project consist of helping out the grade 7 and 12 students by the group of our dedicated volunteer teachers in the major subjects such as Math, Physics, Accounting, Computer skills and much more. We work in partnership with ITHEMBA LETHU NPO the institution qualified to coach young students in maths, physics and sciences.
  3. Grade 4 - 6 Projects
    We work in partnership with schools in rural areas where we aim to introduce the primary school pupils to the computer and IT industry. We take do schedules some guided training during the school holidays where a transport is organized to pick pupils from their school to our center for some introduction to the keyboard and typing as well as Internet allowing them to do the basic search on the computer.
  4. Senior Community Computer Training Project:
    This project consist of recruiting the pensioners, seniors and over 60 community, training them in Computer and related subjects allowing them to access internet, paying their bills and banking online to avoid risk of moving due to their age as well more convenient in cost and time.
  5. Transport means from and to our school centre:
    This project consist of having buses which will help us move learners including the seniors from a pick up point to the training centre and from the centre to the pickup point after training.
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We hold your hand as you are making every step of the way, until you have completed your course successfully.

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